Our Services

We are experienced in manufacturing and fabricating solid surface for  all kinds of applications.

Kitchen , Pantry, Bath Tops, Reception Counters, Kiosk , Lift Flooring, Wall Cladding, Outdoor & Indoor Bar Counter, Clinic, Laboratory and Surgery Room.


Our Values

Value Creation: We create a profit and community goodwill through growth, effective execution, continues improvement and innovation
Excellence Service: We anticipate, listen and respond to customer needs and provide a safe, effective and caring services
Mutual Respect: We work internally and externally in a collaborative environment based on trust, and joint commitment and respect
Enterprising Spirit: Proactively seek improvement and take ownership to overcome the obstacle.

Our Service


Kitchens & Pantry


Vanities & Wash Basin


Reception Counters

kiosk (1)



Bath Tops


Wall Cladding


Bar Counter


Clinic, Laboratory and Surgery Room


Lift Flooring

NOTRA's Service Policy

We design thoughtful, livable spaces.

Our Responsiveness

We will meet deadlines and promptly respond to a matter based and determined by the Client.


Client's Expectations

Prior to beginning a project, we will work with our Client to establish expectations and a plan to timely and successfully accomplish our Client’s goals within cost parameters commensurate with the complexity and value of the particular matter. We will inform our Clients of developments, progress and decisions they need to make. We will make our best efforts to exceed our Client’s expectations. We will solicit feedback from our Clients on the quality of our work and the quality of our service.

Our Quality Assurance

The project, client needs and client’s expectations will be defined before work begins. Senior members of our firm will provide the vision for the work assigned and will supervise more members. Both during our work on a project and after completion, we will seek feedback from our Clients.


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